Live Network Stats:
Nodes: 299 | Devices: 849 | RF Miles: 900+


The mesh network provides a local TCP/IP network for all connected users. It is like a highway leading around the region. Services are like the places you visit and allow you to do useful things which support emergency communications: file transfer and document storage, chat, telephony, network monitoring, mapping, and situational awareness.

Some services are available by simply clicking a link on the mesh status web page, and others run as servers such as a NTP time server. Other services may be accessed through client installed apps. We use mostly open source and free software; some software has been written by our mesh users.

An advantage of the mesh system is that these services are distributed throughout the regional coverage area. This offers the advantage of redundancy in the event of a network disruption, such as a local power failure. For example, we have several different installations of the MeshMap (see link above) installed on different devices operated by users in Linn, Marion, and Yamhill Counties.

WiFi access can be provided to users of the mesh network to Part 15 Computers, Tablets, and Phones at a deployment site.

The AREDN documentation has a good section describing services, and gives examples of services that have been deployed by users of the AREDN mesh network.

Current Services Deployed on the Mesh

  • MeshMap - a live updating map by KG6WXC showing station locations, services and connections.
  • Mesh Chat - a synchronized chat client and server that runs in all regions. Also allow file transfers.
  • APRS-IS - Local mesh server to handle Mesh APRS Traffic to Global APRS IS network.
  • Winlink - telnet post office and telnet P2P modes allow high speed email for amateur radio users.
  • Glucose Meter - Medical blood glucose meter used to monitor a ham radio operator's blood glucose.
  • Web servers - Apache and NGINX web servers provide a variety of services using clickable links
  • File Management - Tiny File Manager and FileGator are web file servers for all media.
  • NextCloud - A completely integrated, mesh-hosted content collaboration platform.
  • FreePBX - VoIP telephony provides trunked mesh phones and Linphone cell phone connectivity
  • iPerfSpeed - Utility to test RF connection throughput and packet loss built into the AREDN devices.
  • TeamTalk 5 - A video conferencing client/server (similar to Zoom) for presentations and meetings.
  • Weather Stations - WeeWX and DIY weather stations are installed in Albany and Florence
  • DokuWiki - a collaborative reference document platform
  • DMR Reflector - DMR Reflector to link DMR repeaters and Hotspots overmesh, it also supports linking into bandmister.
  • Rocket.Chat - a communications platform  that offers chat, audio, and video messaging and file transfer.
  • Video - network IP cameras are installed for RTSP video monitoring and viewing in web browsers
  • Wikipedia - The full Wikipedia is mirrored on the mesh, Every article.
  • Othernet - a satellite-based receiver downloads  reference materials and information.
  • Zenmap - a GUI based network topology and monitoring service.
  • Chronyd and NTPd - GPS synchronized local network time protocol services.
  • Arednsig - a custom RF station connectivity monitor written by KA7JLO
  • DIY Radiation Monitor - a custom KA7JLO radiation monitor which can be accessed via web server