Live Network Stats:
Nodes: 299 | Devices: 849 | RF Miles: 900+

2021 State of the Mesh

On June 17, 2021 WVMN hosted a State of the Mesh zoom call where we talked about the state of our mesh network.

The folllowing link are from that event:


SEAPAC - 2024: AREDN Building Apps for Emergency Support

On June 1, 2021 WVMN's Richard Cornwell (K9RCP) talk at SEAPAC called: "AREDN Building Apps for Emergency Support" where we talked about our mesh network as well as out services on the network.

The folllowing link are from that event:

Slides (PDF)
YouTube Video

WVMN fights to save 5.8Ghz with FCC

Willamette Valley Mesh works with AREDN Lawyers

The folllowing link is the filing:


WVMN Public Git Server

Willamette Valley Mesh releases our own Git Server!
This allows us to have source code of some of our projects by our users all in one place!

If you would like your git repo in our Git Server please contact K9RCP for details.

The Git Server can be viewed by using the following link: